How To Avoid Blurry Text in Blog Graphics

PLR Store

One of the most frustrating things I have ever found about setting up a new blog (and I have allowed it happen a lot of times) is getting the header graphic right.

Let’s be clear about something here: you don’t need Photoshop to create a good graphic. You don’t even need a paid graphics suite to create a quality graphic.

I have got to know my way around the free tool – which, I have to say is awesome, especially since they updated it recently.

It’s not the actual graphic that’s the issue – it’s the text. If you have tried any of the free graphics editors like SumoPaint, GimpShop or you will know that once the image is saved, the text tends to be somewhat less than professional looking.

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I have used each of these programs and they are all excellent programs. It’s just the text that lets them down.

It was Tiff Lambert who got me on the right track in the end with the suggestion that I use PowerPoint (Don’t have Microsoft Office? Use Open Office) to create the text and then save it as an image.


And so, I was able to finish the header graphic that will adorn my refurbished PLR store:

PLR Store

Try this out by opening your graphic in PowerPoint first, then adding a text box – it must be a text box to allow you add shadows and change colours.

The Mega-Ultimate List of Free Image Sources

20 Free Image Sources to Make Your Great Content  Epic    Ecommerce Platforms

Earlier in the year, mega site Getty decided to practically allow free use of a ton of its images with a new sharing with attribution embedding process. That’s a massive boon to any blogger on a budget. You can read the full story here on The Verge.

But can you ever have enough image sources?

Personally, though I mostly use the same four places to look for royalty free and public domain images, I do also maintain a long list of hard-to-find secret sources.

In this, the first part of a rather humongous post, I am going to share every resource you could possibly want for free images.

Be warned, this is a megapost in the making and will require extensive updating in the week’s to come, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get notified of new updates – and to receive the ultimate list in PDF  format when it’s complete.

To begin, let’s look at some popular “Ultimate Lists” that exist already:

53 Free Images Sources for Your Blog and Social Media Posts from BufferApp

53  Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

30 Free Image Sources for Commercial Use Stock Photography and Clipart Graphics 

clock wood 3a7.jpg  1200×800

15 sources for finding free online images from PR Daily

15 sources for finding free online images   Articles   Home

The Ultimate Directory Of Free Image Sources from The Edublogger

NOAA Photo Library

20 Free Image Sources to Make Your Great Content *Epic* from Ecommerce Platforms

20 Free Image Sources to Make Your Great Content  Epic    Ecommerce Platforms

15 FREE sources for online images from Ragan

Clipart   Eris Discordia

21 Totally Free, Legal Image Sources for Bloggers from Michelle Schaeffer


13 Sources For Free Public Domain and CC0-LicensedImages from WP Tavern

13 Sources For Free Public Domain and CC0 Licensed Images

10 Rare Sources for Copyright-Free Images from YMB Properties


40+ Free Image Sources for Social Media and Blog Campaigns from

40  Free Image Sources for Social Media and Blog Campaigns   Visually Blog

Kirsty Girl: Top 10 Copyright Free Image Sources for Bloggers

Kirsty Girl  Top 10 Copyright Free Image Sources for Bloggers

Have you got a favourite that wasn’t featured here? if so please let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to join the newsletter or you’ll miss the next updates on this list.

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