Essential Tips for a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

facebookFacebook offers a number of business-building benefits. One of the primary benefits Facebook offers is the ability to market your business. You can use Facebook to drive traffic, build awareness and attract attention for a launch. Here are three essential tips for a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

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Implementing Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

list buildingHave you ever heard the phrase “the money is in the list?” Probably; it’s a common phrase. It’s also true. Your list is your connection to hundreds if not thousands of people who are interested in your products or services. They’re qualified leads. As a business owner, these are the people you want to talk to. However, finding those people can be a challenge. Here’s how to implement a successful lead generation campaign.

#1 Identify who your ideal customer is

This is important because you’re going to want to get inside their head. You want to know what their most pressing problems are so you can solve them. Spend some time researching your audience. What do they need or want?

#2 Create a giveaway, something that they’ll place a high value on

Many business owners turn to digital downloads. This is because they can offer prospects instant gratification. All the person has to do to access the information they want is hand over an email address. Digital downloads can be something as simple as a free report. They can also be:

* An interview (transcript and audio)
* A video
* A downloadable course
* An audio file
* An e-book
* A worksheet or workbook
* A checklist, blueprint or template

Don’t let this list limit your imagination. Take a look at what your prospects need and then brainstorm how you can solve their problems with a giveaway. You can also provide them with an autoresponder e-course delivered over a period of time. This ensures consistent communication until the course ends.

#3 Create a fantastic opt-in form

You have a few choices here. You can create a form and place it on your landing page. The form can be simple and straightforward with a benefit and a call to action. For example, “Learn how to eat all you want and still lose weight. Download this free report now.”

You can insert the form on your website, have it slide over, pop up or pop under – it’s your decision. You may want to test and track which method offers the highest conversion rate.

You can also create what’s called a squeeze page. This is where your visitors land. They must opt-in in order to move on and further into your website. Your squeeze page can read a little more like a sales page. It can offer benefits and promise to solve your prospect’s most pressing problem.

Regardless of the format you choose, you’ll want to ask for an email address from your prospect. You can ask for more information like a first and last name. However, remember that the more hoops a prospect has to jump through, the more likely they are to click away.

#4 Marketing your offer

PPC has been effective for driving traffic to an opt-in page. You can also use social networking and article marketing to effectively drive traffic to your offer. The more people there are who learn about your opt-in offer, the more people you will have signing up.

Once you start building your list, immediately take advantage of it. Thank your subscriber for signing up and provide them with an abundance of value. Make sure they never regret adding their name to your list. And of course, market to them to build your business and your bottom line.

Why Your Keywords and Search Phrases Matter

keyword phrasesAn online business that ignores keywords and search phrases will surely struggle. The internet is based on information. That information is sorted and organized based on the topic or keywords that best describe the information. When you embrace keywords and search phrases, you’re better able to position your website competitively. Here’s why your keywords and search phrases matter.

#1 Search phrases help you achieve good page rankings. When your website shows up on the first page or two of search results, you will get more website visitors. Each website visitor is a potential customer. That means search phrases are directly related to your profits.

#2 They help you target specific customers. Appealing to a broad audience can be difficult. There’s a lot of competition. However, when you narrow your focus and target specific keywords and search phrases, you can focus on appealing to a smaller audience. You can be the big fish in a little pond. That often results in more financial success than competing for the other high demand high supply keywords.

#3 Keywords and search phrases help you learn about your audience and prospects. Keyword research helps you learn what your audience is looking for. Entering your keywords or keyword phrase into a keyword research tool will generate other relevant keyword phrases. You can use the supply and demand data to learn what your prospects are searching for. [Read more…]

Web Analytics Tools Supercharge Your Blog Strategy


Analytics are a business owner’s best friend. They can help you optimize your strategies and tactics. They help you get a better understanding of what your customer wants and needs. Website analytics can be the most valuable asset you have. However, choosing the right analytic tools can be overwhelming. There are many to choose from. Here’s a brief list of some of the more popular analytic tools, and advice on how to choose the right one for you.

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Cost-Effective Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Website

An online business thrives and survives based on their traffic. The more traffic you have, the more potential customers you have. And the more customers you have…Yep! The more profits you’ll earn. However, you don’t always want to have to spend an arm and a leg to gain traffic. Here are seven cost-effective ways to increase traffic to your website.Money Quote

#1 Social networking – Social networking is free. It costs time and energy; however, there’s little else to do on a social networking site except interact. And that’s how you drive traffic. Whether you’re using a Facebook fan page, a Twitter page, LinkedIn or another social networking site, the key is interaction. Create a compelling profile. Interact, share and comment. Then when it’s appropriate, post links to your website and website content. You will drive traffic to your site.

#2 Comment on industry blogs – You’d be surprised to find out how much traffic a blog comment can generate. Subscribe to industry blogs. When appropriate and relevant, comment on new blog posts. Be sure to register with the site and to include a link to your website. Fellow commenters are sure to visit your website, as are other blog readers. It’s a great way to drive traffic. Of course, make sure your comments represent you and your business effectively.

#3 Publish – Publishing is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Publish on article directories. Publish on other people’s websites. Publish in print and online magazines. And syndicate your website content – this will help it get published all over the web. Each time someone reads something you’ve published, they’ll visit your website.

#4 Blog – Blogging is similar to publishing. However, in addition to posting to your own blog, try to become a guest blogger. Write posts for other relevant blogs. And be sure to link to your website in your profile or author’s resource box.

#5 Giveaways – While the above four tactics are free, giveaways aren’t. You can give away free content like a downloadable report or online course. You can also give away something that’ll generate a lot of attention, like a Kindle or an iPad. Make sure, however, that your giveaway is related to your niche. When you’re giving something away, be sure to promote it. Spread the word on social networking sites. Blog about it. Ask others to share the link.

#6 PPC/CPM – Advertising is not free either. However, if you handle a campaign strategically it can be very cost effective. If you’re using this tactic to drive traffic, make sure you’re sending visitors to a specific page. For example, send them to a sales page or an opt-in page. This way you can track results and keep a tight hold on your budget.

#7 Affiliates – Starting an affiliate program can take time, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Affiliates can send traffic your direction. You only pay when their traffic results in a conversion. It’s extremely cost effective.

Generating traffic doesn’t have to be expensive. Before you implement any new tactic, create goals and a plan to achieve them. Test and track for success. Repeat any and all successes.

67 Very Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

What’s been affectionately called “mobilegeddon” is upon us, so if your blog isn’t responsive it’s going to plummet from the rankings like your favorite watch to the bottom of the toilet.

Not. Nice.

So I thought today I’d share some of my favorite free responsive WordPress themes. They are also fast as the Dukes of Hazard, cos site speed is another factor that influences site rankings. And what’s the use of being responsive and fast if you can’t look good too?

Free Responsive WordPress Themes That Rock!

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Mobile Responsive Websites: How To Survive Google’s Latest Update

Google UpdateGoogle is about to go through another of its changes in an effort to bring a better browsing experience to its users, and while many internet marketers always look to how that negatively affects them, I welcome the change.

If you follow search engine news at all (and if you run a blog you should) then you’ll know that the number of mobile users have been rapidly increasing in recent years. It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Google have now decided that the mobile responsiveness of a website will be included in its ranking factors.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic!”

Surviving this update is easy with 3 quick, easy options.

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How to Give Your Website an SEO Boost

THE BEST VIEWAn SEO boost can be invigorating both for your profits and also for your mindset. It’s an accomplishment that can have a serious impact on your business. Here are seven ways to give your website an SEO boost.

#1 Target an easy search phrase – one that has lots of demand and little supply. These phrases are often the phrases that are three or four keywords long. They may begin with “How to” or “Tips for”. Use keyword tools to help you find those unique keyword phrases to focus on.

The reason for targeting these easy search phrases is that you can quickly achieve a top page rank. You can then use these content pages to link to other pages within your website – the pages where you ideally want your traffic to go.

#2 Social bookmark your key pages – Choose a few key pages and list them with social bookmarking sites. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. Social bookmarking sites create both traffic and incoming links. [Read more…]

Strategies to Establish a Strong Online Branding to Attract Customers

Think about the people and companies you buy from. You buy from people and companies you like. You buy from people and companies that represent credibility and authority. You buy from people and companies who have created a strong image in your mind.

Your customers buy for the same reasons. They buy from companies that have a strong online brand. Here are five strategies to establish a strong online brand:

#1 Publish off site

Publishing is a wonderful way to establish a brand. Each piece of content you create represents who you are and what you stand for. Your personality carries through in your content. If you publish on other websites, you’re able to reach out and attract more customers. You’re able to develop a strong brand. Publish on: [Read more…]